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Luis Filipe - Placas Esmaltadas is a Enameling Workshop founded in 1992 located in the city of Matosinhos , which arose at the time that the amount of enamelling factories in Portugal was already greatly reduced due to the introduction of new technologies and raw materials. Over the years we found that there was a fairly large deficit in the supply of enamelled plates and the like , and decided to invest in this ancient art that in Portugal reborn fashion enamel , because we think we have achieved that goal for sure . Our plates , tables, lamps and other products are manufactured in Portugal , with the participation of our artisans, designers and specialized enamellers properly so that our company can offer you several solutions and ensure all quality.

We currently export our products to many countries in the world and we continue with the goal of expanding to other markets.

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    Our prime location allows our international shipments may be by Land / Air / Maritime to anywhere in the world.

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    If you would like to perform a unique custom piece or series, we help realize their ideas and projects.

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What do we do

Work enameled

Works in iron plate with enameled: toponymic signs, police numbers, badges, diverse signs of arms. We manufacture custom-made.

We Produce and Customize per size

Our team of producers and designers are ready to create and customize your own ideas.
Send to us your project with the right size, format, and color that you want.
Request your budget.